Meet the Herbalist Behind Our New Flavor

Meet the Herbalist Behind Our New Flavor

At B.T.R. NATION, we’re always in the kitchen cookin’ up new functional flavors. As we hinted at on Instagram, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to launch our latest & greatest flavor!  

While this in itself is exciting news, the best part is…this flavor is in collaboration with world-renowned registered herbalist and naturalist, Rachelle Robinett. Rachelle is the founder of Pharmakon Supernatural and a well-known speaker, teacher and publisher. Rachelle is also a health & wellness queen, whose philosophy around the power of plants closely aligns with ours. In her video on adaptogens and their benefits, Rachelle shares many of the reasons we've made them a focal part of our brand. You can find plant-based superfoods & adaptogens in each of our B.T.R. Bars.

Keep reading for the insider interview with Rachelle about her journey into herbalism, and to learn why we're so excited for this new flavor!

Ashley: What inspired your journey with herbs? Can you talk a little more about your why?

Rachelle: “As a kid, I was on a quest to find truth, to understand experience, and to maximize the precious little time we have here by dedicating myself to the pursuit of making sense of existence. This pursuit has taken me all over the world, and through many studies — most of which have been related to health, nature, mindfulness, philosophy, and spirituality. I found nature to be the throughline in everything that resonated for me. And so, I work with it both personally and professionally.” 

Ashley: What is the process like to become a Registered Herbalist and what steps do you recommend folks take to get started?

Rachelle: “There are many paths to becoming a Registered Herbalist, and the one I took was through the American Herbalist’s Guild. The process involved an appropriately lengthy application and review process, after having accrued several thousand hours of study, teaching, and otherwise. Different schools, teachers & paths exist. But for anyone interested in starting, I recommend reviewing the AHG’s list of educational resources, or finding a teacher that resonates and beginning the process of learning!”


Ashley: What are you most excited about for the future of plant medicine? What's one easy way for people to start incorporating more plants into their lives?

Rachelle: “I’m hopeful for a future in which we return to a healthier relationship with nature, and with our own bodies, which is one in the same idea. Easy ways to incorporate more plants into daily life include eating more vegetables, drinking more tea, or simply going outside for one extra minute."

In an attempt to foster this healthy relationship with nature, our new functional flavor is fueled with two unique adaptogens: organic ashwagandha root extract and organic turmeric root powder

Ashwagandha, which Rachelle calls the “herb of the decade,” is a calming adaptogen most often known to support thyroid function, normalize cortisol levels, balance the immune system, nourish the reproductive system, and balance stress hormones. Ashwagandha basically does it all! It’s an evergreen shrub grown in Asia and Africa that has been consumed for its numerous benefits for centuries. We include over 50mg of the world’s purest ashwagandha extract in every bar, so you can enjoy the benefits of this celebrated adaptogen.  

We’ve also incorporated organic turmeric into our new recipe. Turmeric is a phenomenal root Rachelle claims “just about all of us could use more of.” Although turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s also excellent for gut and skin health. But, what Rachelle loves most about this herb is its ability to reduce neuro-inflammation, which can be a contributing factor to things like anxiety and depression. The combination of adaptogens and superfoods in this delicious and satisfying bar is the perfect way to NOURISH your body any time of day!

Learn more about Rachelle here and shop B.T.R. Bars at Rachelle's Cafe, Supernatural, in Brooklyn, NY.

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