The Best Date Night Ideas for Every Love Language

The Best Date Night Ideas for Every Love Language
couple making dinner together in the kitchen

Some like to say food is the 6th love language. I'm one of those people. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, here are a few fun date night ideas (centered around food, of course) for every love language:


Words of Affirmation: 
Get creative! Someone whose love language is words of affirmation means that they want to see or hear words that make them feel loved and special. Making cupcakes for dessert? Spell out a message in the cupcakes. Make homemade fortune cookies and add your message to the fortune cookie. Or pack a picnic lunch and leave a note for your loved one in their bag!


Quality Time: 
When your love language is quality time, you just want to spend time together. Sign up for a virtual cooking class and make dinner together. Order from your favorite meal delivery service and prepare the meal together. As long as you're spending time in the kitchen with each other, you'll have fun!


Physical Touch: 
Three words: Chocolate Covered Strawberries! For someone whose love language is physical touch, you'll want to prepare something you can eat with your hands. Chocolate covered strawberries are both decadent & healthy, the perfect date night dessert. Check out our superfood boosted Chocolate Covered Strawberries here


Acts of Service: 

Cook a candlelight dinner for your date. It's that simple. It doesn't have to be perfect; it's just the act that matters. Doing something special goes a long way, and if your date's love language is acts of service, they'll appreciate the effort!


Receiving Gifts: 
Can't go wrong with a box of your date's favorite chocolates or truffles. Even better if it's homemade. But for those whose love language is receiving gifts, it's the thought that counts so remember their favorite chocolate, their favorite candy, or their fave B.T.R. Bar 😉  

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