The Ultimate Snack Lover's Gift Guide

The Ultimate Snack Lover's Gift Guide
We love snacks, clearly. That's why we compiled the ultimate gift guide for all the snack lovers in your life. Remember: you're a snack lover too 😉

Perfect if you're nuts about nuts:

crunchy almonds


Our favorite medley? Golden Goodness with nutritional yeast, turmeric, and onion powder. Yummy!


nutty snack medley


Bouchees make the perfect snack mixes...always nutty, never naughty!

vegan superfood protein bar
 With smooth, creamy nut butter in every bar, all your nut-loving friends will love our soft texture and rich taste. Our go-to is the limited edition sampler box or you can't go wrong with building your own box (P.S. this is on sale for 25% off!)

For the adaptogen guru:

superfood cookie baking mix

Baking mix with superfoods and adaptogens! Does it get any better? You know we're big fans of functional food here at B.T.R. Bar. We highly recommend the chocolate chip baking mix. 

adaptogenic coffee

Adaptogenic coffee without the jitters. Win win! 

matcha buckwheat



Changing the game for buckwheat, Lil Bucks offers a variety of adaptogenic buckwheat snack clusters to satisfy all your cravings! Who else is craving chocolate reishi?

And of course B.T.R. Bars check this box too! All B.T.R. Bars are boosted with purpose-driven adaptogens like reishi, maca, and cordyceps.  😉

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